Food Menu

Wraps & Sandwiches

Smoked Turkey Wrap
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Smoked turkey, pepperjack cheese, red pepper, lettuce, and a spicy cream cheese spread

$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Your favorite: bacon, lettuce, & tomato with mayo or mustard

$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
The traditional club: ham, smoked turkey, bacon, lettuce, & tomato. Your choice of mayo or mustard

Roast Beef and Provolone Wrap
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Sliced roast beef and provolone cheese with a mayo-horseradish spread, lettuce, and tomato

Santa Fe Wrap
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Soft tortilla folded over warmed Southwestern vegetables with chicken, taco spread, shredded cheddar cheese, and lettuce

$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
A traditional Reuben with corned beef, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut, and Thousand Island dressing

Ham & Swiss
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Ham and swiss with lettuce, tomato, and mayo or mustard

Grilled Chicken Wrap
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Grilled chicken strips topped with lettuce, mayo, tomato, Swiss cheese, and ranch dressing

Chicken Salad
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Wagner’s fresh chicken salad topped with lettuce and tomato

Buffalo Chicken Wrap
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Grilled chicken strips topped with ranch dressing, lettuce, feta, and hot sauce.

Veggie Wrap
$4.00 whole / $3.00 half
Lettuce, tomato, green pepper, red pepper, onion, taco spread, and pepper jack cheese. **Other fresh veggies may be added if on hand**

Daily Special
Sandwich with 2 sides and a drink

Salad Special
Specialty Salad with muffin and a drink

Kids and Young at Heart

Children’s Special
Half ham, turkey or PB&J sandwich, small smoothie, and a side

$2.50 whole / $1.50 half
Peanut butter and jelly on white or wheat bread

Bread Options

Wrap: Flour, wheat, tomato, or gluten-free

Bread: White, wheat, or rye

Bagel: Plain, wheat, everything, and asiago (add $.50)

Croissants (add $.50)

Delivery available on orders over $10.00.
In-Town: $3.00 Out-of-Town: $5.00

Soups, Salads, & Combos

Soup Du Jour
$2.50 cup / $3.50 bowl
Served piping hot with crackers

Soup and Sandwich
Half sandwich and cup of soup – $5.00
Half sandwich and bowl of soup – $6.00
Whole sandwich with cup of soup – $6.00
Whole sandwich with bowl of soup – $7.00

Soup and Salad
Cup of soup with a side salad – $3.50
Cup of soup with small special salad – $5.50

Salad and Sandwich
Half sandwich and salad:
$4.00 side salad / $6.00 small special salad

Fresh Green Salad
A fresh green salad with tomatoes, crunchy rice noodles and Mandarin oranges

Cottage Salad
Cottage cheese, crunchy noodles, pecans, hard boiled egg, Craisins, tomatoes

Chef Salad
Turkey or ham, cheddar or Swiss, tomatoes, croutons, hard boiled egg

Japanese Salad
Grilled chicken, almonds, crunchy noodles, green onions, homemade Japanese dressing

Salad Dressing Choices
Ranch, Italian, French, Raspberry vinaigrette, Thousand Island, Fat-Free Ranch, or Homemade Japanese

Ala Carte Sides

Cottage Cheese – $1.00

Broccoli Salad – $1.00

Pineapple Picnic – $1.00

Chips or Chex Mix – $1.00

Side Lettuce Salad – $1.50

Fruit Cup – $1.00

Cole Slaw – $1.00

Chicken Salad – $2.75

Add Bacon or Cheese – $.25/slice

Bagels – $1.00

Cream Cheese – $.50

Homemade Baked Goods – $1.50

Butter Croissant – $1.50

Cookies – $.60

Pumpkin Cookies – $.70

Muffins – $1.50

2 slices of bread – $1.00


Breakfast Sandwich
Two scrambled eggs with your choice of:

Meat: ham, bacon, or sausage

Cheese: cheddar, Swiss, provolone, or pepperjack

Bread: White, wheat, or rye; wheat, white, everything, or asiago bagel (add $.50); wheat, white, or tomato tortilla; or croissant (add $.50)

Breakfast Burrito

Two scrambled eggs with peppers & onions, taco spread & your choice of:

Meat: ham, bacon, or sausage

Cheese: cheddar, Swiss, provolone, or pepperjack

Tortilla: white, wheat, or tomato

Fresh-Baked Quiche or Sausage Egg Casserole

A la carte – $3.00
With fruit and muffin – $5.00
With cup of soup – $5.00
With side salad – $4.25
Whole quiche – $15.00

Scramble in a Cup


Two scrambled eggs with the option to add:

Onion or green pepper – $.25 each

Cheese: cheddar, Swiss, provolone, or pepperjack – $.25 each

Meat: ham, bacon, or sausage – $.75 each